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Selected Press:

"One of the most interesting mash-up sounds incorporating lonesome country, dirty-diesel rock, psychedelic shoegaze, and whatever else these boys decide to (almost literally) bust over your head... If you ever wanted to know what it feels like to drive a ragged motorcycle off a cliff, this is probably as close as you can get."
- Austin Music Magazine

"A sound that swings wildly from Big Star-evoking powerpop to reverb-drenched space exploration to sinister trash punk, sometimes within the same song."
- The Onion

"Raw, unpredictable, and penetrating – Lomita comes on stronger, like every brain-cell damaging Texas music tradition: narcotic cosmic country, the 13th Floor Elevators’ incensing garage-bred psychedelia, and Trance Syndicate’s equally scintillant and somnolent tones and rhythms."
- The Austin Chronicle

"You can tell this band is trying to do something new – they are the kind of band that can change direction on a dime and is a bottomless well of talent."
- The Chicago Reader


It’s daunting to describe a band who does everything and anything it wants to – kissing your girlfriend’s collarbone before coming to your rescue in a streetfight. Following the bootheels of the re-release of their debut album, Stress Echo, Lomita maintains their trademark diversity on the already critically-respected new release, Downtown Mystic but forges ahead to recklessly embellish pop music with their own convictions – incorporating funked-out sex-jams, psychedelic mindfields, noise symphonies, and punk swagger into a luscious pop sound recalling those of The Church Star Fish, Tom Petty You’re Gonna Get It, Fleetwood Mac Rumours, Zombies Odyssey and Oracle, and Sonic Youth Goo.

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