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Daniel Perlaky stamping and stenciling the first Indierect business cards and posters.


Indierect is an independent record label featuring Austin bands. Indierect was founded in 2005 by me, Daniel Perlaky, and my partners Ed Preston and Brian Jones, with the objective of helping under-the-radar Austin bands have a larger voice during the South By Southwest music conference, where the competitive atmosphere favors bands with larger support structures. After the first few years of overworking ourselves and struggling to do too much at once, our partnership dissolved and I continued to run Indierect in a smaller, more managable capacity on my own. I consult with select Austin artists to help focus their efforts and reach audiences on their own terms and I hope that all of them will someday be able to sustainably make a living from their art without having to compromise their freedom and integrity.

I've had the pleasure of working with Belaire, Lomita, The Arm, Ghostland Observatory, The White White Lights, Purchase New York, The Noise Revival, Household Names, Ghandaia, and, whenever I can, I try to help other artists I know.

Indierect operates as a not-for-profit project of my company, City On Fire, a design and content production studio based in Austin, TX. I do my best to promote some of my favorite Austin bands and help expose their music to a wider audience I think will appreciate it. Please check out the artists and come out to a show!

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